When the bidding is concluded all riding horses are insured at

R+V Versicherung AG

Vereinigte Tierversicherung Gesellschaft a.G.

Raiffeisenplatz 1, D-65189 Wiesbaden

Contact person: Michael Edzards

fon: +49 5144 5609962

mobile: +49 172 4530249

email: [email protected]

A premium of 1,25% of the auction price will be paid to cover the insurance for eight weeks following the date of the auction for the following: 

80% of the horse’s value if the animal dies or has to be put down due to illness or accident

Basis of the contract are the German General Insurance Conditions for horses and other equids (January 2008) of the VTV 

The insurance coverage does also include all transports within the mentioned period of coverage (by land, air and sea) from Verden to the first owner’s home.

The auction sales price plus auction fees and respectively va-lid VAT is considered as amount insured, max. Euro 25,000.

The insurance contract will be with above mentioned company. The Hannoveraner Verband will bill the premium on the final auction invoice.

It is possible to extend the coverage with the auction office or within eight weeks after the date of the auction with the above mentioned company – all costs to be the responsibility of the buyer. Another clinical examination is not required. Conditional waiting times do not apply.

Please contact your VTV contact persons in case of further interest.

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